Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole Plenty

I’m  a double board-certified OB/GYN Physician and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist (aka high risk pregnancy expert).

More importantly,

I’m a mom who decided to start a family late and had some complications.  Yep, even doctors have complications.  Through my personal journey and experience treating high risk patients, I know that getting safely through pregnancy is more than just getting prenatal care.  You need preconception planning, a support system and sometimes a sounding board to help you figure it all out!

As a physician,

I had other physicians I could contact whenever I needed them. I realize everyone else might not have that access. Well, now you have me! I strive to help women, like you, figure out the best timing to start a family and help you navigate your options.  Having issues getting pregnant? Want a family but not in a relationship? Thinking about freezing your eggs?  I can help you make well-informed decisions that are best for you! I truly believe that anyone who wants a baby CAN have one.  I’d love to help.

The best way to stay connected and to allow me to support you

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You are braver than you know. Trust the process.

-Dr. Plenty-