The Daily Drum Interview: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

Wheeeww… I know. It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. But, if you’ve been following me on social media or on this page, you know that the pandemic has taken a toll on me mentally and physically. So, for me, sometimes it’s better to talk instead of write, hence, the YouTube channel and creation of the Pregnancy Pearls Podcast and my other podcast, Oh That’s Deep! Black Women Conversations. If you haven’t subscribed and listened to both of them, I’ll give you pass, but go check them out.

Ok, back to what I was saying. It’s been a while, but I’ve remained pretty active on my other platforms. Most recently, I was interviewed for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month on The Daily Drum. The Daily Drum is a radio station affiliated with Howard University (WHUR 96.3) where listeners can call in with questions, and guests answer them on the fly. I was looking forward to this aspect of the interview because I enjoy interacting with people and talking about medical topics. But on the day of my interview, there were issues with the phone lines. So, the discussion quickly became focused on my personal experiences, which made me have to openly admit and deal with the fact that I had suffered a miscarriage.

Sometimes, it’s surreal that this actually happened to me– a double board certified OB/GYN and high risk pregnancy specialist. But, then I remember the stats and know that anyone can lose a pregnancy, especially if one has risk factors. Although the only risk factor I had at the time was my age, being that I was 35yo at the time, even those without risk factors can suffer losses.

So, as I openly discussed my recollections of the events during the week of my miscarriage, I realized I was actually counseling myself and letting myself know that it was ok. I was my own patient for a few minutes. I was grateful for the care my OB/GYN provided and even more thankful for the child I have now and the things I learned and experienced during the pregnancy I lost. That experience made me a better physician and a more patient and insightful mother.

If you have lost a pregnancy or a child, I encourage you to talk about it. Write about it. Let someone know how you’re feeling. You won’t ever forget that you lost a child, but remember the joy you felt when you found out you were pregnant with your child. You carried life! That’s special no matter the result. Cherish your memories and let those memories give you strength to move forward and be an even better version of yourself for what’s to come. Below is the link to my interview with The Daily Drum. Please check it out !

Medical Monday: Miscarriage, SIDS & Child Loss | WHUR 96.3 FM


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